The Cost Of Rolling Back Worker Protections: First 100 Days

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9 May 2017

Huffington Post, 27 April 2017

Government agencies, and their enforcement of safety regulations, play a crucial role in protecting workers in dangerous workplaces.  There is a real cost to curtailing enforcement and stripping away protections—a cost that is borne out in more workers being killed on the job and more getting sick and injured.

Yet despite the strong empirical evidence about their effectiveness, the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans have acted in great haste to repeal these protections, thereby endangering workers.  Though worker safety has improved over the past decade, more than 4,800 workers are killed on the job every year. Millions more suffer serious work-related injuries.  In a new report, NELP found that an average of 27 workers a day suffered severe injuries—amputations and other injuries requiring hospitalization—in the 29 states that report to federal government on workplace safety.



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