Technical and Leadership Development Designed to Create Improved Results



Developed to help results-driven EHS/Sustainability executives and managers build technical and leadership skills and bring even more to the table, the Phylmar Regulatory Roundtable OSH Forum empowers you to become a stronger asset to your organization. Regulatory updates and analysis, peer perspective and expert insights and coaching provide you with the knowledge, strategic thinking and confidence to help you play an even stronger role in your organization’s future.

Connect with your peers from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds for challenging discussions, fresh perspectives on the key occupational safety and health issues, and strategies to develop regulatory, technical, and leadership initiatives that enhance your organization’s competitive position.

Program Benefits include:

  • Professional development meetings, calls and tours;
  • Benchmarking with EHS/Sustainability colleagues, who are creators and designers of EHS/Sustainability programs;
  • Opportunity to share experiences and programs with other EHS/Sustainability professionals;
  • Advance notice and analysis to spot emerging issues;
  • Program adjustments based on lessons learned from other companies;
  • Continuing education courses at discounted fees via Phylmar Academy (learn more)
  • Access to Phylmar’s affiliates network of 500 providers in more than 50 countries (learn more)
  • Consultations with world class leaders; and
  • Quarterly consultation with client advisor to develop/ensure your personal and organizational goals/objectives are met.

Recharge Your Thinking

Diverse points of view and innovative approaches enable EHS/sustainability executives and managers to take a more prominent leadership position and help drive results. You’ll literally redefine your role as a highly confident leader who fearlessly steps up to the plate and makes better decisions and achieves better results. You’ll gain the insight and the authority to put your ideas into action.

Learn from Fellow Professionals

Get feedback on your toughest decisions from fellow professionals who have met and overcome the same challenges. The PRR OSH Forum provides you with the information and confidence to move beyond day-to-day responsibilities and focus on being a leader.

Count on Trusted, Confidential Advice

Who do you turn to for objective advice with no hidden agenda? PRR OSH Forum members and client advisors give you solid feedback, help you see new opportunities, and hold you accountable for taking action. The PRR OSH Forum builds that circle of trusted advisors whose only agenda is helping you succeed.

Seize Opportunities for Results Now

Now more than ever, CEOs are looking to their EHS/Sustainability professionals to help drive results. Our client advisors and OSH Forum members give you regular, practical perspectives and leadership concepts that you can put into practice immediately. Start making the decisions that get better results right now.


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